…have been diverse as the populace of Manhattan.

I’m not kidding. This blog post could be a novel and maybe will be someday. Over the past two years I have cooked in the most unbelievable of conditions – for the sake of brevity, I’ll only name a few.  The kitchen of my best friend in NYC…who was moving. And by moving I mean she had everything packed in boxes. I finagled one skillet out of a box and used plastic utensils to whip up 6 meals for a client I had never met. I had a good reason for needing to do so, but holy hell that was another level of insanity.

I’ve cooked on a boat who’s destination was an uninhabited island where whatever was on this ship when we set sail was what we had to eat for 8 straight days…produce, dry goods, proteins, everything. We had almost no refrigerator space, zero organization and the galley kitchen was the size of a small walk in closet that I shared with three Costa Rican men…only one of whom spoke English.  

All fantastic training for landing in various cities around the world – Moscow, Berlin, Paris, Rabat…being there for a short time and navigating where all the equipment is, where the food is, the innuendoes of the workings of each strange kitchen, not speaking the same language and so so much more.

What’s the point of all this?  Well – it’s basically to tell you I’m not going to listen to any lame excuses about not being able to do this or that to put healthy meals on the table. Life isn’t easy – it’s full of logistical dilemmas, but we pick and choose what is most important to navigate. I’m just gently (or maybe forcefully!) suggesting that you prioritize the one thing that will make you feel better, live longer, have more energy and just plain get the most out of life…eating well. ;)

Here’s a look at a few of those kitchens…