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I’ve developed a system.

It’s easy to think – I’m only going to be gone for 2 days, 5 days or maybe even several weeks, I don’t need to establish a whole routine for that short time…but the truth is, every day counts. For me, after two years of accumulating this chunk of time and that chunk of time away from a home base, and then realize away is actually a permanent state of being – I really had to force myself to adapt a simple routine that doesn’t require much more than what you are used to traveling with…and what you’re willing to re-purchase in each city.

You can eat all the healthy food you want, but if you sit on your tush and don’t move around – you ain’t living a healthy life. It’s all a piece of the puzzle: exercise, eat right, care for the planet that provides the food – it’s the only path to complete health, period.  

This is my little low-maintenance workout kit – I have to admit I had a little help creating my workout from my friend Jason Walsh. We worked and traveled together a lot and he took pitty on my useless knee (I have serious left knee issues) and created a great at home…or in hotel room workout for me. I use my internet connection to supplement with web based cardio guides and then do my mat work for the rest. Today is London, tomorrow…we’ll see.

Get Moving! No excuses.