Most. Embarrassing moment of my life. Period.

I’m going to back track here a little and defend myself a tiny bit. I had been traveling – A LOT for work. When we landed in Berlin we had been traveling for about 6 days but had been in three countries and I slept close to a total of 6 hours. I’m not even exaggerating much there…I was so excited to be traveling and visiting new places that I couldn’t sleep. When I wasn’t working I was exploring every nook and cranny of each city as I possibly could in the hour or two I had off. 

So we established I was SUPER tired right? Alright, I’ll get to it then. Landed in Berlin, went straight to the hotel, no unpacking, no sleep, just landed – checked the fridge for what was stocked ahead for me and strategized the day’s menu. As usual, I was multi-tasking. My mind doesn’t work in a straight line so I always end up cooking about 5 recipes simultaneously. Well, I forgot to turn on the vent, or open a window and I also forgot about my onions grilling away while I was burying myself in a crepe mix. Forgot alllll about those onions until they fully demanded my attention. And the attention of the German police and fire department. Oops.

I set off the fire alarm, smoked out the place and I barely used my room key. The hotel management came running in as I was opening all the windows, fanning the smoke and cursing my life. It was one of those moments where you actually start talking to yourself out loud – how on earth could I be THIS big of a moron? Holy shit, did I just summon the German police within an hour of touchdown? Oh and, my client is trying to sleep in the next room…I’m a superstar. 

All worked out in the end. My client finally came out laughing at me an hour later saying I’m hilarious, and he was just wondering how I was still standing after all our travel - so I guess he got it AND has a great sense of humor. Thank god. He’s the man!

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