I find myself looking forward to my Saturday morning routine – even though I work every day of the week, Saturdays still have a lazier feel to them. This farmer’s market is hard to beat; fantastic produce, homemade soups, free range poultry, organic, grass fed beef, organic fresh eggs, seafood, hand made baked goods and gorgeous wild flowers. There’s also this woman frying eggs and homemade sausages on a huge skillet making fresh breakfast sandwiches that smell out of this world delicious.

At first when I went I just wanted to check it out so I just bought a few veggies and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Since, I have slowly weaned off of whole foods here in London. Don’t get me wrong, weaning of means that I only go twice a week instead of every day…but I have definitely been buying less. 

Worst part of buying farm fresh produce: washing off the dirt.

Best part of buying farm fresh produce: there’s dirt on it.