Have you ever wondered why you go to the doctor?

Seems obvious…something in your body isn’t working and you need it fixed. 

In some instances that’s true…but the realization that we all need tweaking, that many of our aches and pains, even disease come from something deeper than our symptoms. Although I’ve been seeking holistic therapies for more than 12 years, I’m still learning this. 

I practice it daily in my own way, feeding my clients food that provides them nourishment…food that I know will support their individual bodies to achieve the life they want to live. Of course I do the same for my friends, my family and myself. 

As much as I believe in the power of food, I also know that to achieve optimal health we need to strike a balance in life. We need to exercise, learn how to deal with stress, even understand ourselves on a deeper level. Am I getting to far out there for you? I get it, but if this is something foreign to you, try to open your mind to it a little. I know I had to once I started working on myself.

…after all these years, I still find myself setting specific goals for my healing. I have a lot of trouble with one of my knees. Fifteen operations and I still have pain every day. Now the other one is giving me a lot of trouble and well, I’m desperate for it to just go away – to be able to escape it. 

I went to see Frank Vogt, L.Ac (acupuncturist),  when I moved back to NY, seeking alternative coping methods for knee pain. 

Visit after visit, I realized that when I leave my appointments with Frank I feel…different. Lighter, more at peace, happier. I have a better understanding of how to approach life, to handle challenging situations and to be myself. More than that, I’ve learned things I never imagined affect the health of my knee, but do. A knee I’ve felt pretty helpless about lately. That quite honestly depress me. 

Just as a tiny example today I shared with Frank that I’m an incredibly deep sleeper, and sometimes sleep-walk/talk a bit. Like….it’s scary. I go to sleep and good luck waking me up until I hear my alarm (and thank god I do!).  He said that in Chinese medicine that tells him that my blood is a little thin and could be partly inhibiting my ability to heal.

He has smoked mug wart mounds on my knees, read my cards, cleansed my energy, taught me meditation along with all the incredible benefits of it, and of course given acupuncture treatment, but also provides this incredible sense of calm and understanding. 

There are a few people I’ve met in my life who I think are true healers, my naturopath and my friend Pippa who is a reflexologist and Frank to start…when you find those people, try to be as open as you can to what they have to offer- they are rare gifts in this world.

Meditation, Acupuncture, Reflexology, find what’s right for you and get on it!