I recently spent about 4 months in London working as a private chef. Although I have spent a  significant amount of time there in the past, on this trip I really fell in love with that beautiful city. It feels like such a privilege to live in another country for any length of time. Despite the lack of sleep it caused, I decided to soak up any of my free time exploring each nook and cranny of London that I could! It's exhausting work, but someone's got to do it ;) 

One of the most amazing things I got to do, thanks to my really good friend (and co-worker), Bobby, was to have a personal tutorial on traditional Japanese sushi making by the master sushi chef at Gordon Ramsey's restaurant Maze. It was a pinch-me moment for sure. 

Chef Gohei Kishi very kindly took a day out of his very busy schedule to give me an insanely packed tutorial on sushi making, sharing recipes that he has spent years perfecting and explaining the practice of sushi making in Japan. Chef Gohei was originally from Japan, but worked in Paris at his family’s Japanese restaurant for many years. He travels back to Japan frequently to continuously develop his skills as a chef. It’s that kind of dedication that makes you the best!

What really struck me was his explanation of the discipline involved in perfecting recipes - that chefs in Japan work on their entire careers. It’s the exact opposite of how I cook in a way. It is true that I am constantly cooking and using the same principles I live by while doing so, but I practice by constantly doing something new, trying new ingredients, treating them in new ways, researching new technique, and so on. Typical in the art of Japanese sushi making is zeroing in on ONE thing and working at it until it is absolute perfection…talk about self-discipline. I was and am impressed! 

I have tried to incorporate some of the amazing lessons I learned with Chef Gohei into my cooking and the recipes I create for my clients. I will share some on my blog in future posts!