I know, I know - mornings aren’t always the most peaceful of times. We have all been woken earlier than we'd like and rushed into our day by work, kids, animals, or just the sheer speed of life. Believe me, I have had my days of waking up for work at 5 am 7 days/week for months straight and it’s brutal. However, doing so has compromised my otherwise healthy life choices and made me pretty sick at times. Lesson learned. 

I try to take care of myself by eating as impeccably as I can, I try to get ample exercise, I don’t use cosmetics with toxic chemicals and I always clean my spaces with plant-based cleansers. I try to do it all to the best of my ability, but what I have overlooked and undervalued over the past several years is the critical importance of taking a deep breath. Life is busy for all of us, it really is. But, we need to find time in our day to spend 5 minutes focusing on relaxation - and even if you are into it, meditation. 

I recently had my 16th knee surgery and my body, despite the hard work I do to keep it healthy really wanted to break down after this one. I had to do something different. I started with guided meditation 2-3 times a day during my acute recovery and then once a day either first thing in the morning or in the evenings before bed. Now, I have gotten so used to meditation that if I can steal away 5 minutes (20 is really optimal), I will sit in a quiet place and meditate by myself (a huge accomplishment for me because I usually can’t shut my mind off for ANYTHING!). 

Well, it seems to be working. [knock on wood] My immune system has rebounded and become strong again and my body is healing. A calm mind is a powerful thing. Take a few minutes before the sun comes up and your day explodes into chaos to create a new restorative habit...breathe peacefully.