I have become slightly obsessed with doing things the most raw and natural while extracting as much nutrient power as I can get my hands on...have I lost it completely? Maybe, especially considering my last google search had something to do with buying my own stone mill for grinding my own flours :/ God help us all! One of my latest adventures is actually not that hard or crazy at all and yields pretty exciting results. Sprouting grains, legumes & seeds!! Not just for 3rd grade science class anymore. 

Sprouting takes a few simple steps, very little in the way of mess/clean up and apparently result in incredible health benefits. So how do you do it? Basically three simple steps:

1. Introduce moisture to your seed, legume or grain. Cover grains completely in water. (I let mine soak for about 3 hours)

2. Drain & rinse well.

3. Place rinsed/completely drained grains/seeds in a clean, glass storage container with a partially ventilated top. (Depending on what you are sprouting, this stage will take anywhere from 1-3 days.)

What makes sprouting so healthful? Well, I'm glad you asked. There are different nutritional benefits for each item you are sprouting, but as a whole, germination activates nutrients that are otherwise dormant. When a seed/grain/legume is exposed to hydration, the ouster layer splits and it begins to grow...it is this growth process that supplies the seed/grain/legume with even more nutrients to support this growth. Additionally, sprouting reduces carbohydrate content, increases proteins and makes them more easily digestible. 

An important note to remember is that in the process of sprouting, you are adding moisture to something and letting it sit around for possibly several days...this can potentially lead to bacteria growth so to be safe, it is always recommended that you cook the sprouted beans/grains/legumes before consuming them. 

If you have kiddos, this is going to be SUPER fun for them...I'm a grown adult and I got giddy watching my quinoa and amaranth sprout little tails, just imagine how cool that would be to a 4 year old!