Ever since I was a little kid, I loved nothing more than going out for ice cream on a hot summer day. Unfortunately, every time I ate it, my mouth got all tingly and my throat felt like it was closing up...not that that stopped me :| Several years back, I heard that blending frozen bananas makes an insanely tasty non-dairy alternative to ice cream - I have been whipping it up every which way I could think of ever since. 

Today I'm just going to teach you the basics. One ingredient and a simple method so you feel confident making your ice cream before throwing a million different flavor ideas at you! 

Banana Ice Cream

4 cups frozen banana chunks


Place frozen banana in a food processor and blend until completely creamy and smooth. 

Serve immediately or freeze until ready to eat!

Some tips for perfect Banana Ice Cream:

  • Slice RIPE bananas and freeze in a sealable glass container. Bananas that are just starting to get brown speckles on the peel are perfect for freezing for ice cream. (Underripe bananas will be slightly tart and gummy and overripe bananas have a much stronger banana flavor)
  • When blending in the food processor, start by pulsing just to break up the big chunks. Then let the blender go on high until it forms a big ball and then thins out into creamy ice cream.
  • If your bananas are not cooperating in the blender, add a tiny bit of water or almond milk (liquid always helps things blend better!), but most of the time you don't need to add anything. 
  • Be ready to eat your ice cream right out of the blender...it's just that good.