Who said Memorial Day had to be all berries and watermelon? Leave it to me to find a way to incorporate chocolate even on the least chocolate of holidays! 

Chocolate egg cream is a chocolate spritzer of sorts typically made from a chocolate syrup, whole milk and seltzer. I updated/upgraded to Almond milk, homemade chocolate sauce (with zero refined sugar) and well...seltzer.  It was bubbly, light, deliciously creamy and truthfully the perfect cool down afternoon treat on a very hot, muggy day. Super easy recipe, and please, don't get too hung up on amounts here, it's about having fun with a super chocolatey cool down, so you just can't get it wrong!

You will definitely have leftover chocolate syrup with this recipe...to be used for - oh, I don't know: smearing on pancakes, dipping sauce for sliced fruit, dunking cookies, or just a little old fashion finger-licking fun! 

Here's what I did:

1 oz 100% dark (artisanal - if possible) chocolate

1/4 cup agave nectar

2 cups almond milk

2 cups chilled seltzer water

Over a double boiler, melt chocolate until all pieces have dissolved. Gradually, pour in agave, stirring vigorously until well combined. If the chocolate looks like it's getting too thick, add the agave a little faster and you can add a tiny bit more than the recipe calls for. 

Next, distribute almond milk into tall (12-16 oz) glasses and add about 1/2 cup milk per glass. Spoon some of the chocolate syrup into the almond milk* and stir until fully combined. 

Top with seltzer and serve immediately!

*This is where you get to use your judgement on amounts - I approximated about 1 tbs sauce per glass but go as wild or conservative as you want with this!